Bridget Angelo

About the Photographer

I absolutely love being the person behind the camera, documenting peoples’ lives. It gives me a thrill like nothing else has before! When I am not photographing, I am always thinking of the next chance I have to pick up my camera.

I love being a photographer that everyone is comfortable with. I feel that if you can’t be comfortable with the photographer of your wedding not only is it going to show in your photos, but you will be spending the most important day of your life in a state of nerves. You should be relaxed; comfortable, excited and must of all have tons of fun!

No award could ever replace the feeling of someone’s eyes filling up with tears while viewing their wedding photos! When their eyes fill up with tears,
they look at one another with that look of pure love I know I have done a great job. I could float to heaven on that feeling!

I am often the vendor at the wedding who is not only there to do my job, but I am also there to be your friend. Reminding the bride to eat, catching that last button the bridesmaids forget right before you go down the aisle, and always being there with encouraging words and a smile.

I feel that if we can laugh together, then we can have fun together! I can’t state enough, the importance to have a connection to your photographer. After all, photographers are the ones who are there to document every memory of your big day for the rest of your lives. I will be documenting your tears, your laughter, and your pure joy.

I love to be surrounded by good wholesome happy people. Snow showers on sunshiny days are the best. I love pets that are over loved and spoiled, much like my own cats. I crave Chinese food with friends. I collect beautiful vintage fashion and sparkly accessories. I live for rummage sales. I take long drives on warm days. I love music that makes me want to dance and never stop. I spend hours in bookstores. I am grateful for the Redbox. I love going to the movies and that feeling you get when you sink down in your seat and the lights go out. I wish I were alive during the glamorous old Hollywood days. And most of all I love my husband whom I am madly in love with, who supports me in all of my dreams and never falters. Mostly… I love.